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nadriabb5's Journal

Adria and Natalie - Big Brother 5
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Welcome to the Live Journal Community for twins Adria and Natalie of Big Brother 5! The switch was revealed live on national television towards the end of the July 15th show. In 3 weeks from then, if all goes well, BOTH will be able to enter the house and play individually! Hopes and Prayers are with them that they will make it that far and beyond! :)

From the 1st journal post:
... Here's where we can post all Big Brother topics related to the twins Adria and Natalie, how the switch is going, any live feed transcripts pertaining to their game, suspicions (hopefully none! I hope they can pull this off!!), screencaps, anything at all related to their life outside the house as well. :) When the game is over, my hope is that this community will stay alive and active! :)

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