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Introducing Natalie to the House - Adria and Natalie - Big Brother 5

About Introducing Natalie to the House

Previous Entry Introducing Natalie to the House Jul. 24th, 2004 @ 05:20 am Next Entry
crose posted to _bigbrother5 and bigbrother_5

The time is coming close for Natalie to be let in to the game. I think the thursday after next.

However, if Adria doesnt survive all that time, what will happen?

My theory is that Natalie will enter the game anyway. She will play the "evil" twin who comes in for "revenge", and kicks the 4H butt.

What do you think? If Adria survives, well then for sure they will be reunited; even if Adria is up on the block the next week and gets evicted, there would still be those few minutes together.

But how will it play out if the evil Henchmen (4H) muck up the works and Adria is gone before the date the twist was to be revealed?

I think, as I said above, they will plan an "evil twin" kind of twist. A twin "out for revenge".

So maybe the twist can still take place. :) Although I would be sad if they can't play together.

In my ideal BB world, the final 4 would be Nicomas, Michael, Natalie and Adria.. and Nat and A final 2. hehe ;D
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