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Adria and Natalie - Big Brother 5

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NAdria<3 Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 01:23 am
My love for Adria & Natalie is endless.

Yes, I am terribly corny, but I am such huge fans of these two amazing girls that I've been defending them against EVIL Karen-fan/Adria-bashers. =]

All the love in the world for the girls - Mike =]
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jase; expelled? Aug. 12th, 2004 @ 09:55 am
Man, yesterday, some guy was in the BB5 chat rooms saying that Jase got expelled from the house. And his only reason for thinking that, was cause he couldn't see Jase's picture on the wall. And people were saying that Jase spit in Drew's hair, and peed on towels and clothes. I'm not sure if that's true, but I'm pretty sure Jase was not expelled, and even if he was, BB wouldn't completely take his picture down. Knowing Jase and how he reacts to things, he probably took the picture down himself as his dramatic was to show he knew he was leaving. It is so easy for rumors to start. lol But I have gone to all the live feed updates, and nothing has been said about Jase being expelled.
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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 12:39 pm
Did anyone watch Housecalls today? Marcellus was talking about how Adria and Natalie were thinking about how they wanted to join Drew and Diane. Maybe I'm confused, but didn't they say that wouldn't be a good idea? Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. lol And Marcellus was also talking as if they came up with it on their own and that it was a twin thing how they thought of it and so did Drew. Natalie said drew asked her about it. lol He confused me!
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On the Eve of Natalie Aug. 4th, 2004 @ 05:39 pm
Adria is sick today. :( Apparently earache and ringing in her ears. Earlier this week, Natalie was sick with a sore throat. I think the stress is getting to them. They are excited, but worried too, about tomorrow.

I know that, within the context of the game, it is seen as unfair to grant them special immunity. But, at the same time, it angers me that they worked so hard, that they brought higher ratings this season with the Big Twist. Then, when all is said and done and the show is finished with their twist, they are symbolically "thrown to the wolves". They have targets the size of Texas on their backs. :( And the "twist" put it there. Much of the reason Adria seems shifty and unstable is because the HGs are dealing with 2 people, not one. Of course they dont know that but will tomorrow night. We are all hoping this alone will clear up some of the confusion and insecurity the houseguests feel toward Adria.. especially right now.

But then how will they feel? Most fans think the houseguests will feel decieved by the unveiling of the twins, and will only add to the mistrust. The Twist has put this huge target on their back right from the get go. They DON'T have such a big advantage, as some believe. They are coming into this together under a disadvantage to their game. I hope the HOH comp will be tailored for one of them to win.

Meanwhile, Karen is continuing her "bash Adria" campaign, today. :( I liked Karen in the beginning but now I dont know what to think, other than to channel Danielle from BB3 and chant, "She is the Devil!". For some reason (mostly unknown to us), she has decided she does not like A. Not just game, but personally. The other HGs are slowly falling under her spell. Not good news, especially on the eve of Natalie entering the house and the game.

With all this going on, if I were Adria, I too would be sick and stressed out! She is trying to lay low, even went as far as to say she may not talk very much today to anyone. She is feeling pretty low. :(

Tonight and tomorrow, lets pray and send some positive energy her and Natalie's way. They will really need it, as they adjust to a "new life" in this crazy house together.

Introducing Natalie to the House Jul. 24th, 2004 @ 05:20 am
crose posted to _bigbrother5 and bigbrother_5

The time is coming close for Natalie to be let in to the game. I think the thursday after next.

However, if Adria doesnt survive all that time, what will happen?

My theory is that Natalie will enter the game anyway. She will play the "evil" twin who comes in for "revenge", and kicks the 4H butt.

What do you think? If Adria survives, well then for sure they will be reunited; even if Adria is up on the block the next week and gets evicted, there would still be those few minutes together.

But how will it play out if the evil Henchmen (4H) muck up the works and Adria is gone before the date the twist was to be revealed?

I think, as I said above, they will plan an "evil twin" kind of twist. A twin "out for revenge".

So maybe the twist can still take place. :) Although I would be sad if they can't play together.

In my ideal BB world, the final 4 would be Nicomas, Michael, Natalie and Adria.. and Nat and A final 2. hehe ;D
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Welcome to the Adria and Natalie Big Brother 5 Community! Here's where we can post all Big Brother topics related to the twins Adria and Natalie, how the switch is going, any live feed transcripts pertaining to their game, suspicions (hopefully none! I hope they can pull this off!!), screencaps, anything at all related to their life outside the house as well. :) When the game is over, my hope is that this community will stay alive and active! :)
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